Bonnie is always full of creative ideas and goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we are happy!  Everything is great!  The T-shirts, glass mugs, umbrellas, you name it!  That's why the peeps here at The Atlanta Workshop Players have been coming back for almost two decades!
Lynn Stalling Owner -Atlanta Workshop Players

Indian Hills Country Club – Valentine’s Day tumblers went over very well.  We got a lot of compliments and they were a great “envelope” for distributing the newest sales results letter we had worked up.
Lynne Davis & the Go 2 Team  Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage.

The calculator briefcase for the deal or no deal promotion!  It was tied into what was our most memorable tradeshow!  The briefcase was unique and we still get mentions after several years later.  
Gary Feldman I-Business Network

Most successful and memorable promotion we did with Silver Line Specialties help were the Vibe hats.  One was spotted in the Bahamas! My favorite product was the “original” slinky.  
Joy Hoffmann – Former Owner Vibe Entertainment

Our most successful promotional product are the stylus pens that we just did! Everyone loves them.  Of course, my ultimate favorite promotional product are the wine glasses!!!  
Karen Vining – Owner Vining Financial Services

I have ordered from Silver Line Specialties several times and have never been disappointed.  Bonnie always communicates, so there are never any surprises.  Highly Recommended!!  
Mary Gammans Klein – Air Alliance Owner